The Best Quadcopter – Hubsan X4

With the advent of new drones, they have not only captured the skies but the headline space as well With Amazon and Domino’s planning to induct drones into their fleet to delivery vehicles, drones will surely be buzzing around the sky. From military to corporates and business houses to civilians using these quadcopters and drones for services and fun.

With various varieties of drones available ranging from armed military drones to civilian drones for sale in the UK with a built-in camera and some can carry enough weight to deliver a parcel. Whatever is one’s need, a drone is made for it The Hubsan X4 is a great drone available in the market which does not make a hole in your pocket but is stable and durable and gives a feel of flying a quadcopter.

The Hubsan X4 drone is available in different models with a built-in camera, LED lights for night flying. The X4 drone is sturdy, tough, easy, and fun to fly. The cheap crash pack allows you to fly the Hubsan X4 without worrying about spare parts. The crash pack comes with a spare battery, LEDs, four rubber feets, two motors, and four spare prop sets.

Hubsan X4 is among the world’s smallest drones, one can use the X4 model H107D both inside and outside. During windy conditions, extra care needs to be taken while controlling the craft. The X4 drone comes in ready to flying configuration with a few minor calibrations required. The hull which is typically a protection ring helps beginners learn to fly, as the hull helps to protect the craft and anything near to it However, to install the hull, the propeller needs to be removed. The built-in camera streams video to the LCD screen built in on the transmitter, which helps pilot the drone.

The First person view (PFV) video mode can help control the drone better. The X4 lifts up and zips through the air with ease. The 6 axis flight control is impressive thanks to the gyro sensitivity. The easy to operate features on X4 drones require little instruction. The small sized and feature rich drone is a solid offering from Hubsan companies to beginning flyers. This is the best training drone which enables the pilot to improve the flying skills before flying bigger and expensive drones. A great product at a competitive price. A value to money product for novice and expert flyers. A must-have model.